• Welcome to Les Anciens!

    Welcome to Les Anciens!

    More than 600 individual stories of our members – that’s Les Anciens d’AEGEE, the alumni association of the European students’ forum AEGEE. We keep up the links between the alumni and support the active generation of AEGEE. We organize several meetings per year, inform  about current developments in AEGEE and discuss European, professional and private matters. Everyone who was active in AEGEE is welcome to join us!

  • New Year 2016 in Wroclaw!

    New Year 2016 in Wroclaw!

    Traditionally, the alumnae meet for New Year somewhere in Europe. For the first time in the history of Les Anciens, we will meet for traditional Sylverster in Poland.

    The Cultural Capital of 2016 has been at the heart of European history having at various times been part of Bohemia, the Austrian Empire, Prussia, and latterly Germany before being incorporated within Polish territory in 1945.
    We will discover the picturesque historic old City and Cathedral Islands with their Bohemian, Austrian and Prussian influences.

    Any alumnus of AEGEE is free to join us for one or more days between 30 December and 2 January.

    More info at the event site.

  • Not a member yet?

    Not a member yet?

    In case you were active either on local or European level in AEGEE and finished your active involvement, you can join Les Anciens.

    Becoming member is easy. Just fill out the application form, pay your fee and you are member! As new member you get 50% reduction and pay only 20 Euro for the first period of four years. When you renew your membership after those 4 years, you will pay the regular fee of € 40,- for four years, only 10 Euro per year.

    In case you want to know more about it, just click on the How to join us button in our menu bar and fill out the inquiry form.

    See you soon in Les Anciens!