More About Us

Our Roots

Les Anciens started as a group of friends who wanted to keep in touch after their AEGEE time and offer support to AEGEE.

Our Development

As members come from various generations, backgrounds and walks of life, and both networking and activism has changed, Les Anciens has broadened its purpose and mission. The following reflects our current ‘thinking’ (work in progress).

Our Purpose

Les Anciens d’AEGEE extends the AEGEE mission and AEGEE experience into the post-student life of all AEGEE Alumni as we want to

  • Grow friendships (old and new) between former AEGEEans
  • Promote pro-European engagement in all areas of life
  • Encourage personal & professional development
  • Offer support for AEGEE and AEGEEans if and where this is requested


Les Anciens d’AEGEE wants to have an impact on and contribute to a peaceful and sustainable future where

  • Europe provides a meaningful identification for its citizens and acts as a global role model
  • Europe assumes its global responsibility and utilises its strengths for the good of the entire world
  • A united Europe celebrates, nurtures and leverages its diversity with openness and respect


As Les Anciens d’AEGEE we want to contribute to improvements in Europe and the world and see our roles in

  • Providing an inspiring Community of international friendship
  • Encouraging consistent engagement for the European idea(l)
  • Supporting ongoing growth of former and current AEGEEans.

Our Values

Les Anciens d’AEGEE unites Alumni that share experience, a unique spirit and a different way to see Europe and the world, best described by our characteristics

  • Pro-European-minded (cross-border)
  • Inter-sectional & inter-disciplinary (connected)
  • Unconventional, progress-focused (open-minded)
  • Inter-generational, personal friendships (empathic)