Membership Fee Payment

Membership Fee

The membership fee for Les Anciens is only 40 Euro’s – and it is payable only every four years. So effectively our members pay only 10 Euro’s per year. You can pay your fee in two ways: by bank transaction or with PayPal. New members get a 50 % discount, they pay 20 euro’s the first 4 years of their membership, effectively € 5,- per year.

There are 3 ways to pay your membership fee:

I. Bank Transaction

The bank account of Les Anciens is for the moment registered at the ING Bank N.V., Foreign Operations, PO Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The account data:
Account holder: S. Andringa
Account no: 626924219
IBAN: NL05 INGB 0626 9242 19

II. PayPal

You can also transfer the money by PayPal (especially advisable if you live in a country with high bank transaction costs). Please use this e-mail address for your payment as reference to the recipient: or use the option below.

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III. Wise is an alternative way to pay the membership fee in countries where PayPal is blocked (Turkey) or fee’s are excessive (Macedonia).