Our Statutes

At the occasion of Les Anciens’ 20th birthday, AEGEE’s alumni association received new statutes. Photo courtesy by René Keijzer.

Below you can find the text of the current statutes of Les Anciens d’AEGEE. They were established at the General Assembly of our association in Olympos, May 2010 and modified at the General Assemly in Skopje, May 2015

You can download a PDF version here.

Statutes of Les Anciens d’AEGEE

I – Form, Aim, Name, Duration

Article 1: Form
Les Anciens d’AEGEE (short: Les Anciens) is a non-registered European association of former active members of AEGEE. The Board determines an address in Europe as the domicile of the association by board resolution.

Article 2: Aim
(1) The association aims to promote lasting friendship between its members, encourage the exchange of opinions and experience on European and professional matters, strengthen communication with AEGEE-Europe and offer the support of its members to AEGEE.
(2) Les Anciens is a secular, non-profit organisation not linked to any political party.

Article 3: Duration
The duration of the association Les Anciens is unlimited.

II – Members of the Association

Article 4: Members

(1) The association is composed of members, who
− were a member of AEGEE and supported AEGEE-Europe and its objectives, and
− were actively involved in AEGEE-Europe or an affiliated organisation and
− have terminated any leading involvement in AEGEE, and
− support the objectives of LES Anciens and accept its principles.

(2) Membership can be obtained upon written or electronic application to the Board.

(3) A qualifying person is accepted as a member of Les Anciens after he or she has signed the membership form and paid the first membership fee.

(4) The Board can reject a membership application if an applicant does not meet the requirements for membership set forth in Article 4 (1).

Article 5: Membership Fee

The membership fee is fixed at 40 Euro. The first membership fee for new members, who have joined the association for the first time (i.e. this does not apply for former member re-joining the association), is fixed at 20 Euro. The payment is due every four years. Changes to the membership fee must be ratified by the General Assembly. 25% of the membership fee will be paid into the Continuity Fund, unless the General Assembly decides otherwise.

Article 6: Termination of Membership

The membership is terminated
− by notice of termination by the member,
− by exclusion for non-payment of the membership fee if the payment is overdue for one year, the exclusion being a decision by the general assembly after the proposition of the board.
− by exclusion if the member’s behaviour is not in agreement with the objectives and principles of Les Anciens. The member has the right to be heard. The Board decides after consultation with the two members who recommended the person in question.

III – Organs of the Association

Article 7: The Board

(1) The Board of Les Anciens consists of the Coordinator, the Secretary General, the Treasurer and up to two additional board members. The Board is responsible for the running of the association and for the representation of Les Anciens towards AEGEE-Europe and external contacts. The board is authorised to take any action in conformity with the aims of the association. It has to take care of good communication, clarity and openness towards the members.
(2) The Coordinator is ensuring the proper functioning of the association and is responsible for carrying out the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board. He/She orders all expenditures. He/She shares this financial power with the Treasurer. When a vote taken by the Board is evenly split, the Coordinator has the casting vote. He/she is responsible for the coordination and the preparation of regular board meetings. If the Coordinator becomes incapacitated in any way, the Secretary General becomes automatically empowered with all the powers and responsibilities of the Coordinator, for as long as the Coordinator is incapacitated. He/She is then considered to be the Acting Coordinator.
(3) The Secretary General is responsible for the administration of the association. The Secretary General is responsible for the preparation of the General Assembly.
(4) The Treasurer maintains the accounts of the association. He/She makes all payments and receives all money on behalf of the association. He/She has the right to refuse to make payments that are not authorised by a vote of the Board. The accounts of Les Anciens d’AEGEE will be given in Euro.
(5) The Board members are elected by the General Assembly for a period of two years. The Board members are elected with the majority of all votes by the General Assembly. The Board members can be reelected.
(6) The Board has to give an annual moral report which should be sent out to all members two weeks before the General Assembly. The moral report is subject to approval of the general assembly. All the members of the Board have to present a separate moral report in case of resignation.
(7) The Board meets at the request of the Coordinator or at the request of at least half of its members as often as required in the interest of the association. Decisions are made by simple majority. The quorum is 50% of the membership of the Board.

Article 8: General Assembly

(1) The General Assembly comprises the ordinary members of Les Anciens. Any member can participate in the General Assembly. The General Assembly meets once a year.
(2) The Statutes of Les Anciens can be amended with a simple majority of all votes cast at the General Assembly.
(3) The Coordinator convokes the General Assembly.
(4) An extra-ordinary General Assembly can be convoked by 10 percent of the members.
(5) The Secretary General of Les Anciens is responsible for the minutes of the General Assembly. The discussions during the General Assembly are recorded in the form of minutes and signed by the Chairperson and the Secretary General and communicated not later than two months after the meeting to the members of Les Anciens.
(6) The Coordinator assisted by the other Board members presents a moral report about the current situation of the association.
(7) The Treasurer presents the financial report to the General Assembly. The General Assembly may decide to grant funds for Les Anciens activities.
(8) Every member has the right to inspect the accounting of Les Anciens for completeness and correctness at the General Assembly.
(9) Decisions are made by simple majority. The vote is public unless a secret vote is requested by a member and approved by the General Assembly.
(10) The members and board of Les Anciens have the right to present proposals to the General Assembly. Working Formats are subject to approval of the General Assembly.

IV – Dissolution

Article 9: Dissolution

If the Board votes unanimously in favour of liquidation and a majority of 2/3 of the members present at an General Assembly called for this purpose do likewise, one or several liquidators will be appointed by the Board, and the assets will be disposed to the members of the association.