Why join?

Enjoy the unique European spirit

Les Anciens dā€˜AEGEE is the official pan-European Alumni organisation for all of AEGEE. As a member you will be able to

  • Get to know inspiring former AEGEEans
  • Reconnect with people you had met in AEGEE

All sharing a deep conviction for Europe and the unique AEGEE experience.

Join & Feel it

Support European Integration

In the changing political landscape, engagement for European ideals and ideas is critical. As a member you will be able to

  • Participate in thematic European events
  • Contribute to pro-European campaigns

Everything is based on the unique ideas and approach AEGEE has developed for Europe.

Join & Engage

Utilise European skills and experiences

In a globalised work, your AEGEE experience is an advantage that you can use professionally. As a member you will be able to

  • Network with AEGEE Alumni (for your business or career)
  • Support, mentor or recruit talent with an AEGEE background
  • AEGEEans today work in all industries, functions and regions forming a unique professional network.
Join & Participate

Always in tune and in touch with AEGEE

As the pan-European Alumni organisation of AEGEE, we maintain close links, contacts and collaboration with AEGEE. Les Anciens provide on-demand support and project-based input to AEGEE Europe and locals (antennae). In each of our activity areas we strive to connect with AEGEE.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Can I still stay AEGEE member when I join Les Anciens?
Answer: Yes. You can join Les Anciens after terminating a leading involvement in AEGEE, for example after quitting a board membership. You don’t need to quit AEGEE altogether. On the contrary, we are happy if our members support their antennae with their knowledge as advisers or give lectures at local trainings.

Question: Can I still participate in AEGEE events?
Answer: Yes, of course. There is no objection from our side. Often we organise our own framework events next to Agoras for example with sightseeing tours and our own accommodation.

Question: If I join Les Anciens and would like to become active in AEGEE again later, is that possible?
Answer: We don’t really encourage this. However, we don’t terminate the membership for that.

Sophi Tsouris, founder of AEGEE-Nicosia, joined during the General Assembly in Cyprus, June 2011. Peter Ginser and Paolo Balistrieri introduced her into Les Anciens.

In case you were active either on local or European level of AEGEE and finished your active involvement, you can become a member by filling out this form.

In case you want to know more about the process of joining AEGEE’s alumni association, get in touch with the board of Les Anciens: click here and fill out the contact form.

See you soon in Les Anciens!