Back to Brussels

Jüri Kirpu and the other CD members gave the Les Anciens guests a great welcome.

Back to Brussels  (B2B) is usually the biggest event in Les Anciens every year. Since many Les Anciens are connected to Brussels, the city where AEGEE-Europe’s headoffice is situated, and since this place is easy to reach for the Les Anciens members, usually between 20-40 people show up for the annual gathering in September. The programme of this three-day event usually consists of a dinner and pub meeting on Friday night, sightseeing on Saturday afternoon, a reception at the AEGEE headquarters on Saturday night and a Sunday brunch. The event gives both the chance for Les Anciens members to see each other again and to meet the new Comité Directeur of AEGEE-Europe.

B2B 2022 takes place from September 9-11th, see the Calender of Events page on how to join.