LA goes Agora

Twice a year more than 600 AEGEE members gather at the Agora, the general assembly of Europe’s students forum. Only AEGEE members? Not really! Each time the board of Les Anciens is invited to give a presentation about Les Anciens. Often more members are present too, to give a workshop and discover how AEGEE is living, breathing, changing nowadays. Whenever there are enough interested Les Anciens members, the alumnae can organize our own framework event, called “LA goes Agora”. In the past, LA went for example to the Agoras in Aachen, Kiev, Ohrid, Istanbul, Cagliari.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of AEGEE-Europe, the General Assembly of Les Anciens was hosted at the same venue as the Spring Agora of AEGEE-Europe, in Patra, 2014.

As of 2016/2017 Les Anciens members can apply to obtain an alumnae day ticket to have access to the plenaries, workshop and the European Night. Autumn Agora Chisinau had the primeur.