LA Summer University

LA SU in Tuscany.

In AEGEE, the Summer Universities have been the most successful project ever. Every year more than 4000 students take place in one of the 80 events. So what would be more natural than to adapt its winning formula to Les Anciens? AEGEE’s alumni association has organised several Les Anciens Summer Universities (LA SUs) so far: 2007 in Greece, 2008 in Tuscany and a case study trip to the Caucusus in 2012. These events are usually about 8 or 9 days long.

LA SU 2012 in Caucasus

After a break of a few years we organised the annual Summer University again. The Caucasus region was the location of the LA SU in 2012. More precisely: Aemenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Georgia. It took place from 6th till 16th of October. The event started sin Yerevan and  included a two days trip into Nagorno-Karabakh. The last three days took place in Georgia, cradle of the wine.

Pictures and the programme are still available here.

[map address=”Caucasus” width=80% height=500px zoom=7]

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