The General Assembly

The annual General Assembly – also known as Les Anciens Meeting – is the statutory event of Les Anciens. Traditionally it takes place in late spring. During the General Assembly the board presents its moral report and financial report, presents its future work plan. Also workshops and elections take place there. Next to this official part, the event offers a great opportunity to feet around 80 fellow Les Anciens members in a spectacular setting. Usually the event takes place in an interesting location, such as Vienna, Sarajevo or Northern Cyprus, so sightseeing tours form a major part of every event. There has even been one General Assembly outside of Europe, in Cairo. Introduction of online GA’s followed in 2020 due to the outbreak of  COVID-19. The  GA of 2022 will once again be a hybrid one, taking place from Brussels.

Here is the complete list of all General Assemblies so far:

May 1990Paris (at EGEE VI)
November 1990Madrid
October 1991London
March 1993Berlin
May 1994Nijmegen
April 1995Bruxelles
May 1997Brugge
June 1998London
July 1999Budapest
May 2000Barcelona
June 2001Amsterdam
May 2002Stockholm
June 2003Bruxelles
June 2004Athens
September 2005Cagliari
May 2006Vienna
Spring 2007Sarajevo
Spring 2008Caïro
Spring 2009Ljubljana
Spring 2010Olympos
Spring 2011Cyprus
Spring 2012Edinburgh
Spring 2013Valletta
Spring 2014Patra (at Spring Agora)
Spring 2015Skopje
Spring 2016Llia Franc
Spring 2017Budapest
Spring 2018Zagreb
Spring 2019Tirana
Spring 2020Online
Autumn 2020Online (extra ordinary)
Autumn 2021Online / Brussels