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Our shared AEGEE experience has given us, AEGEE Alumni, specific skills, unique values and strong emotional ties with our mother organisation and with Europe. One goal of Les Anciens has therefore been – from the beginning – to give something back. Different types of support are hence offered to AEGEE and AEGEEans – if and when that is requested*. 

Career Training

Our Alumni have experienced the transformational value of AEGEE. We can therefore help AEGEEans who are about to start or develop their careers make the most of their AEGEE skills. Specific advice is offered for EU-related or private sector careers. more 


AEGEE Alumni live and work in many different contexts and can serve as valuable sounding boards for AEGEEans how to navigate their AEGEE and study time. Our informal Mentoring tandems are a space for inspiration, reflection and growth. more

INSPIRE events+

Engaging in AEGEE has a purpose, is fun and has an impact. Our INSPIRE panels and interviews share how AEGEE Alumni continue to live and breathe the AEGEE spirit. See some examples and contact us to request a panel or interview​.

Local Alumni CookBook 

AEGEE Alumni activities happen in different ways all across Europe. Les Anciens d’AEGEE makes local initiatives visible and connects them. Our Alumni CookBook supports AEGEE locals in making the most of their Alumni. Contact us for more information or support.

The Continuity Fund

Les Anciens d’AEGEE reserves certain parts of its budget to co-finance AEGEE activities. Find out more about how to apply.

Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund (FATF)

Members of Les Anciens d’AEGEE founded an independent NGO that supports projects and major events with liquidity loans. Les Anciens d’AEGEE is represented on the board of the Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund. Click here to find out more

*Individual Support

Beyond the formalised offers, the AEGEE Alumni Community is eager and ready to support AEGEE in many ways: Finding speakers, funding or expert advice. At the same time, LA is very clear to become active on AEGEE’s request only. For we want AEGEE to stay an active, self-determined and innovative Youth organisation.

What we support
Continuity Fund