Support for AEGEE

The AEGEE-Europe headoffice in Brussels

Supporting AEGEE is one of the core goals of Les Anciens d’AEGEE. Our alumni association is helping AEGEE both with advice and financially. For example, the lawyers of AEGEE-Europe are usually members of Les Anciens. Moreover, we help with advice and contacts.

Financially, Les Anciens helps AEGEE mainly with the help of the Continuity Fund. Every year Les Anciens gives up to a few thousand Euro support to AEGEE. Main sources of that income are donations by the Les Anciens members and membership fee surpluses that can be assigned for concrete support measures by the General Assembly of Les Anciens. Click for more info.

Les Anciens also supports AEGEE with the financial surplus of our annual event “Back to Brussels”. Part of the event is a reception at the AEGEE-Europe headoffice in Brussels. The surplus of the participation fee is donated to AEGEE-Europe, which can use the money for improving the standards of living in the headoffice. In 2011, for example, Les Anciens financed a new dishwasher.

The European mailbox of the headofficeFinally, Les Anciens supports AEGEE in an indirect way via the Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund. This independent NGO mainly supports projects and major events with liquidity loans. Les Anciens has a decisive power in the board of the Foundation. Read more here.

In the future, Les Anciens would like to extend its support to AEGEE. For that reason the General Assembly of Les Anciens d’AEGEE decided in June 2011 that Les Anciens will found its own AEGEE support foundation, which will enable tax-deductible donations from its members to AEGEE-Europe.

What we support
Continuity Fund