Alumni CookBook

Why consider a Local AEGEE Alumni Strategy?

AEGEE Alumni…

  • Keep emotionally and logistically connected with AEGEE – and they will always be interested to help with, e.g.
    • Finding funding or speakers
    • Providing contacts or advice
  • Provide an additional element of stability for AEGEE (they grow and don’t go)
  • Grow AEGEE’s audience, e.g. for outreach, events, communication
  • Can be inspiring, motivating role models
  • Become a marketing / recruiting asset that makes AEGEE more attractive (once they are visibly involved)
  • All share the same AEGEE spirit as an invaluable foundation

Together we are many and can advance Europe.

AEGEE Alumni activities happen in different ways all across Europe. Les Anciens d’AEGEE makes local initiatives visible, connects them and our Alumni CookBook supports AEGEE locals in making the most of their Alumni. Contact us to request more information or support.​