Career Training

What is the aim of our LA Career Training? 

​We, AEGEE Alumni, want to support AEGEEans in their transition from university to working life by giving them​

  • Awareness about which skills they gained from AEGEE ​
  • Ability to integrate these unique features in their CV ​
  • Tips on how to position AEGEE skills in selection processes ​
  • Ideas where to look for careers that are as European as AEGEE is ​ ​

Why does LA offer Career Training for AEGEEans? 

AEGEE Alumni still live AEGEE values and benefit from them. As we are grateful for our AEGEE experience we happily give back and support current AEGEEans with our professional knowledge. For the same reasons we are eager to promote European-mindedness in the future workforce.​

Five things that are special about the LA Career Training for AEGEEans 

  1. We have first-hand experience of leveraging AEGEE skills​
  2. Our trainers have accomplished successful careers themselves​
  3. We are not going away after the training, you can stay in touch​
  4. You will be encouraged to create your own content ​
  5. For AEGEEans, it’s free of charge 

Here is what you can do next

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