What‘s the difference between Mentoring and Career Training ​

  • Mentoring is for AEGEEans who are ‚in the middle‘ of their studies and currently active in AEGEE
  • Career Trainng is for AEGEEans who are graduating and starting to look for a job

Do mentors or trainers provide concrete help or advice? ​

  • Both training and mentoring aim at enabling AEGEEans to take their own informed decisions based on reflections and discussions. We try to avoid simplistic, one-size-fits-all checklists ​

Do I have to prepare for training or mentoring sessions? ​

  • In both programmes, it is advisable that you reflect where you stand and what your next steps can be. If there are specific things to prepare, your trainer or mentor well let you know in advance ​

Is the LA mentoring or training better than other offers, e.g. at my university? ​

  • Mentoring and training offered by AEGEE Alumni is uniquely different as it is deployed by individuals with AEGEE experience – they share the AEGEE spirit, have a sense for your particular context and will hence be relatable

Why is this career training or mentoring not offered as part of the AEGEE academy? ​

  • Both AEGEE Academy and Les Anciens d‘AEGEE felt that these offers are specifically relevant to AEGEE Alumni and the future professional development of AEGEEans and hence shall be offered directly by Les Anciens d‘AEGEE. We are collaborating with the AEGEE Academy in other areas of training and personal development​

As mentoring and career training are free of charge, are they still professional, quality offers? ​

  • Mentoring and training are ways for AEGEE Alumni to give back to the AEGEE community and we consider this pro bono work a valuable contribution to the personal development of young Europeans. Our mentors and trainers are successful in their professional context and committed to making a difference

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