Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund

The Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund (FATF) is an independent Foundation that supports AEGEE-Europe projects and events to avoid liquidity problems. It also aims at improving AEGEE’s competency in writing applications for European funding, as well as improving the financial project management skills in AEGEE. The FATF is closely related to Les Anciens d’AEGEE; two out of its four board members, including the president, must be members of Les Anciens. The other two board members are CD members. Also, the coordinator of Les Anciens is member of the supervisory board of FATF. The Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund has been created in 2003 and helped since then numerous AEGEE projects and local branches.

You can support the FATF – and therefore AEGEE – by giving a tax-deductible donation. For more information and banking details, please check the website

A former president of the Foundation AEGEE Trust Fund is Theijs van Welij, a former president of AEGEE-Europe. Here is an interview with Les Anciens’ news magazine Golden Oldie (not existing anymore) in which he explains the work of the FATF in detail.

Golden Oldie: After being president of AEGEE-Europe you chose the FATF board as new challenge. Why?

Theijs: When I was approached by Olivier Genkin, I discovered FATF was not being used to its full potential. With Mickey Turati at my side I was confident to get this philanthropic fund back on track.

Golden Oldie: Can you explain in a few words what the FATF is doing?

Theijs: FATF is assisting young people to realise their project in the field of European integration and cooperation. We give workshops on fundraising, trainings in project management and assist with subvention applications. Mickey attended as trainer Local Training Courses of AEGEE in Romania and an AEGEE European School in Las Palmas, I acted as facilitator at AEGEEā€™s European Ideas Factory. And we have a fund to provide short term liquidity support for activities.

Golden Oldie: How many requests did the FATF get from the AEGEE locals per year roughly? How many of them get help?

Theijs: We get several kinds of requests, something like 15 annually. When FATF cannot help, we redirect to other organisations that might be able to fulfil the request.

Golden Oldie: What are typical amounts they ask for?

Theijs: Over the past years it varies from 650 to 7000 Euro.

Golden Oldie: How is the cooperation with the antennae? Do they have to hand in a lot of paperwork in order to get the FATF support?

Theijs: We need proof of a granted subvention or sponsor contract in case of liquidity support. For other services we ask documentation that should already be available like a project description or draft subvention application form. Antennae receive usually an answer within three days.

Golden Oldie: And you always get the money back?

Theijs: Yes. We are an external, independent fund that works with criteria and contracts.

Golden Oldie: The work in the FATF is known as very efficient, fast and the atmosphere productive. What is the key for this?

Theijs: The key is a small, devoted team. We are 4 people and an active supervisory board.

Golden Oldie: How do you promote your service?

Theijs: Promotion happens at statutory events of AEGEE-Europe, the events we attend as trainer or facilitator and via PR materials like the K2E and Members Manual.

Golden Oldie: What are the main achievements of FATF in the past years and what do you want to improve in the future?

Theijs: The FATF funds were as long as FATF exists parked at the bank of AEGEE-Europe. This has finally been transferred in 2010 to the FATF account in the Netherlands. Last year FATF was granted the status of charity / fund for social benefit (ANBI), so donations are now tax deductible both for the donor as well as FATF as receiver. In 2011 we want FATF to become member of Transnational Giving Europe, so we can receive tax-free donations from AEGEE alumni all over Europe.

Golden Oldie: How can Les Anciens members support the FATF?

Theijs: Most countries offer the possibility to donate money and deduct this from your personal tax submission. In Belgium you can deduct any donation above 40 Euro. Please inform us about the charity policy of your country via