WHY? Increase the motivation to get involved in AEGEE  

Engaging members in local and European activities continues to be key to AEGEE’s success. Since October 2020, we have an additional tool to do this: INSPIRE AEGEE (online) panels.  

WHAT? Inspiring personal stories from former AEGEEans  

As the Alumni organization of AEGEE, Les Anciens d’AEGEE has created a pool of potential speakers who talk (5-10 minutes each) about the impact AEGEE had on them, personally and professionally, and how they continue to live and breath the AEGEE spirit – years after.  

HOW? Set a date, choose a focus, invite your audience  

For an Agora or NWM, a panel of three to five Alumni can be brought together, from different generations and geographies. The session will typically last 1 – 1.5 hrs. The previous sessions achieved 

  • Great feedback from participants “Cool. I had no idea that this spirit might continue!”  
  • New motivation – as people see additional longer-term benefit of their AEGEE work  
  • Personal impact through relatable stories and truly inspirational role models  

LOCAL? The adapted format for antennae – motivating members or recruiting new ones  

Local INSPIRE panels can have additional benefits for an antenna: Motivating members to get more engaged or getting new members to join. For local events, the antennae will contact their own Alumni and Les Anciens will add one European speaker.  

EXTRA? The additional benefit of communication  

Inspire Sessions provide great communication opportunities: The event itself plus individual stories, quotes and pictures can be shared. Future sessions, at least the personal input, will be recorded.   

Here is an article about one of the past events:  

To arrange your inspire panel contact Les Anciens d’AEGEE