What is our Mentoring aiming at?

​We want to provide AEGEEans with ongoing personal support in their engagement and development by offering 

  • ​One-on-one discussion opportunities ​
  • Occasions to reflect their voluntary work for Europe ​
  • Inspiration how to leverage their experiences for personal growth ​

Why does LA offer mentoring for AEGEEans? 

AEGEE Alumni have experienced what it is like to devote part of your student life to contributing to improving European realities. The dynamics and impact of this voluntary work often only become apparent later in life. We are therefore eager to offer additional perspectives to those currently active in AEGEE. ​

5 things that are special about the LA mentoring for AEGEEans 

  1. We have personal experience with AEGEE engagement, related dynamics and possible effects on our lives ​
  2. Alumni mentors share the AEGEE spirit & values with mentees ​
  3. The mentoring relationship is as European as AEGEE ​
  4. AEGEE Alumni are also interested to learn from AEGEE mentees​
  5. For AEGEEans, it’s free of charge 

Here is what you can do next

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Apply for mentoring (as a future Mentee) using this Google Form

As an Alumni: Sign up as a Mentor using this Google Form