How it works

Ongoing open programme: Apply and start any time 

You can apply for a mentor at any time (choose at least two) ​

  • Check out the slogans and LinkedIn profiles of potential mentors ​
  • Make sure you choose potential mentors with whom you have a few things in common and where you find vast differences as well ​
  • Complete the application form and provide two to three possible mentors to facilitate the matching process ​

Feel free to organise the relationship that works best for you ​

The mentoring relationship will be organised and facilitated by the mentor-mentee tandems, including your choice of duration, meeting frequency and the potential use of social learning tools ​

The support options: kick-off sessions, guidelines, calibration 

  • We will offer 2 kick-off sessions for mentors and/or mentees per year and an evaluation at the end of your collaboration ​
  • A guideline with tips for success will be available ​
  • You can check-in with our professional mentoring manager for support ​

Here is what you can do next

Check out the gallery of mentors and their LinkedIn profiles

Apply for mentoring (as a future Mentee) using this Google Form

As an Alumni: Sign up as a Mentor using this Google Form