The Continuity Fund

The Continuity Fund is the main support channel of Les Anciens for AEGEE-Europe. Main sources of that income are donations by the Les Anciens members and membership fee surpluses that can be assigned for concrete support measures by the General Assembly of Les Anciens.

While in the past this kind of money was used to support CD members who decided to stay for more than a year in the European board of AEGEE (hence: Continuity Fund), the scope was changed several times. Now the support consists of:

  1. Support for CD members or CD assistants with financial troubles
  2. Support for AEGEE projects

The CD can apply for money from the Continuity Fund, by giving a specific purpose. In 2010, for example, Les Anciens supported the AEGEE-Europe Flagship project “Youth UnEmployment”. The project team around coordinator Magdalena Pawlowska sent a nice thank-you letter and listed LA as supporter on the projects’ website.

Make a donation!

In case you would like to support AEGEE-Europe projects via the continuity fund, you can make your donations to this bank account:

Account holder: S. Andringa
IBAN: NL05 INGB 0626 9242 19

In some cases the recipient’s address may be required as part of the transaction. In that case please contact us.

Moreover, in case you live in a country with high bank transaction costs, you can also transfer the money by PayPal. If you have a PayPal account, you may send the money to the Les Anciens PayPal account: or use the option below:

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Thank you very much!